Stained Glass Repair

In September 2019 while visiting friends in the York area, we took a trip to Leeds. While there we visited an antique shop. My friend Gill discovered a stained glass panel from The Queen Hotel on Burley Road, Leeds which is now a Tesco Express. She fell in love with the panel, but it had a few cracks in the glass and after assurances from me that I could repair them she went ahead and bought it. The idea was to incorporate it into the wall of a breakfast room which was about to be built. In January I returned to Wistow, Selby, and completed the restoration just before the onset of Covid19!

This Glass partition was restored and repaired by “Bees Glass”
 Brenda Elphee on 24/25 January 2020


The Glass Panel
September and far from home,
The Glassworker enters the shop,
Rooms full of dust and junk and treasures,
The friend enthuses about what’s worthy,
Her eye upon a glass panel behind others,
despite the grime and hidden,
Its loveliness shines through,
A plan is made, a use is found,
The Glassworker gives a promise.
Christmas comes and goes and the Glassworker returns,
Now in the friend’s room, two women are cleaning the glass,
The glass awaits its chance to fill a new space,
With loving care, the Glassworker glues and solders,
Mending cracks and strengthens, together they polish with soft cloths,
Once within the Queens Hotel,
 this piece of art so easily could have been lost forever,
Is now reborn with care for a new life,
Each Morning giving pleasure and being much admired.
Bees Glass