My White Cockatoo, larger than any creation so far.


There are three styles of Parrots that I usually create. 1/ Green Parrot These are very popular for hanging from a tree in the garden. 36cm /14″  Percy the original Green Parrot has been joined in the tree by Violet. A Purple Parrot whom nobody seemed to love. IMG_0118

DSCN4849Parrot in snow

  The Blue Crested Parrot This parrot was a commission for someone who has blue crested parrots wild in their garden (right hand picture at his new home). When the R.S.P.B. did a ‘Big Garden Bird Watch’   The Blue Crested Parrot was  reported to be ” the second most common bird in Bexley Kent”  They have been breeding in the area since 1969 and now number over 20,000. DSCN4808  

2/ Short Tailed Parrot. A smaller tail and could be displayed in a glass cabinet or on a banana holder DSCN4139  

3/ COCKATOO Can be as bright and beautiful as you want. DSCN4103

Owl Sun Catcher A favourite development from the Parrots 31cm /10″. The latest Owl was a commission and is off to it’s new home in France soon! I  do however have a relative of the globe trotting feathered friend for sale. 


Chicken First in a series of five.” My Neighbours Chickens” The one shown is

called”Basil”. 26cm /10